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Adventure Therapy

Troubled boy

The mix of the outdoors and rigorous therapy can be the one modality that turns things around for your family and specifically for your child.

Fresh air and sunshine, consistent sleep schedules, good nutrition, regular exercise and little to no technology access, combined with high level therapeutic processes can help regulate your child’s nervous system, give them time and space to rediscover who they are, recognize their strengths and challenges and develop tools to support them when they return home.?

Careful research on the options, and even on the specific therapist, is crucial to a successful placement and to your family’s experience. We visit all of the options on a regular basis and meet with therapists and directors to be sure we know that our recommendations are the best ones suited for your needs….not just “I’ve heard good things about…..” We also have excellent working relationships with many therapists and programs as we communicate on a weekly basis with them while students are in the program. This allows us even more insight to finding a good therapeutic match for your child.?