Transgender Issues – The Basics

By Marcy Marklay, LPCC - Therapist, Lindner Center of HOPE Gender identity is a person's inner sense of being male, female, neither or both. Gender nonconforming refers to those who have behaviors and interests that run counter to what is expected of a [...]

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Video Gaming Disorder Recognized by WHO: Residential Treatment Can Help

Video gaming remains one of the most popular entertainment; the novelty and excitement of video games can be almost overwhelming. Mental health professionals and educational consultants remain concerned about video game overuse and the possibility of a gaming addiction.  Therapy and intervention can [...]

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When Anxiety Affects Education

”Having an anxiety disorder is like being stuck in that moment when you realize you’ve leaned too far back in your chair, but have not yet fallen.” Teenage Student Many teens suffer from anxiety, in fact, there are some studies that suggest 8% of [...]

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Minute Mindfulness

In the last couple of weeks, we have had devastating natural and man-made disasters. Our anxiety is up and our feelings are deep. This is a similar kind of feeling parents have when their children become out-of-sync. Whether due to depression, self-harm, distorted [...]

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Family stress – pushing against obstacles instead of pushing into each other.

“Our fate is shaped from within ourselves outward, never from without inward.” (Jacques Lusseyran) Last week I was called by a couple single mothers who needed my consulting - right then. Neither had the funds to pay my fees. They both came from [...]

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