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Let’s Talk Presentation on Parenting with Substance Abuse.

Marin Healthy Youth Partnership provides resources to educate and help prevent substance abuse in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Jennifer speaks every year to coach parents on how to speak to their kids about drug use and general parenting support on unhealthy choices.

When Anxiety Affects Education

When Anxiety Affects Education

”Having an anxiety disorder is like being stuck in that moment when you realize you’ve leaned too far back in your chair, but have not yet fallen.” Teenage Student Many teens suffer from anxiety, in fact, there are some studies that suggest 8% of teenagers currently...

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Girl vaping

Community Education

All about Vaping

Talking about Disabilites
Star Academy Presentation

Talking to your child about (dis)abilities

Girl with Anxiety
Ronnies Awesome Website Podcast Presentation

Coping with Anxiety

Suicide word map

Ronnies Awesome Website Podcast Presentation

Suicide Prevention