Why is Wilderness Therapy So Successful?

As a Therapeutic Educational Consultant, parents ask me about wilderness therapy all the time. It’s a good question and especially timely as we head toward summer. Wilderness Therapy is an important year round therapeutic resource; however, summertime can be an especially strategic summer intervention for troubled [...]

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I know, I know, Media is the new drug…

You’ve heard this right? There are dozens of parenting books on how to limit media. Parenting seminars on internet safety. In the program world, we are finding therapists who specialize in media or internet “addiction” or “disorders.” In fact, there are many clinical studies [...]

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Teenagers in crisis – your family is NOT without hope

What is a therapeutic educational consultant? I never knew you existed! This is what I often hear from my parents and families. I also hear this from local therapists, school counselors and substance abuse specialists. Does the following sound familiar? “I am out of [...]

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