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What is an Educational Consultant?

A consultant is an expert in finding the appropriate fit between a student and a school or program. A consultant should have the professional background to fully assess a child’s academic, social and emotional needs and match them with the appropriate setting and staff. Much of the consultant’s time is spent touring schools and programs, meeting with students, and interviewing staff in order to be prepared to address the specific individual needs of each child and family. A consultant is the family’s advocate before, during, and after placement.

Why hire an Educational Consultant?

Residential placement is a big step, both financially and emotionally. It is not a time to make a costly mistake. The Internet is insufficient (often leaving out smaller programs) and can be unreliable; just because a program has a professional website doesn’t mean it is the right fit for your child. Qualified educational consultants visit and research schools and programs, and thus have first-hand experience of a program’s staff, other students, and “culture.” Ultimately an educational consultant is the most knowledgeable source to guide the decision process.

Article by Summit Achievement about why they recommend an Educational Consultant.

What if my child does not want to go?
As the parent of a child under the age of 18, you have the right to place your child without his or her consent. There are many strategies that can be used to get your child to a program. It can seem forceful to place your child against their will, but it is ultimately for his or her own good. Your love for your child, along with the guidance of an expert, will ease the process.
How are Educational Consultants paid?
Families pay JET ED Consulting for their services. JET ED does not solicit or accept compensation from any school, program or agency.
What if I wait?

Teenagers do not outgrow chemical addiction problems or anxiety, depression or any other issues that are affecting normal development. Without treatment, these problems exacerbate, so it is crucial to intervene as early as possible. Once a student falls behind in school or refuses to go altogether, it is often difficult to catch up and be successful. School failure may lead to more serious behavioral and/or chemical addiction issues. Studies suggest early identification and treatment are key predictors for success.

What results can we expect?

In general, most families experience their child to possess more self-confidence, resilience and increased self-esteem. Additionally, students will often have increased motivation for school and personal success, and become more open and honest in communicating with their family. As a family, you will learn how to improve your family system and communication with your child.

Will the local school district subsidize my child’s program expenses?

Jennifer can help you navigate school district’s and their obligation to fund particular programs and therapeutic schools. Especially in CA, IL, NY and CT – school districts will find students who need more than their local public options and pay for a “non public” school. Working with us will give you guidance.

Will this be covered by my insurance?

Every situation is different; many insurance plans do not cover residential placement. However, you will have the opportunity to submit your insurance card to the program or school to verify your benefits.

Will this How are these programs different from traditional rehab/inpatient facilities? Why are they more effective? covered by my insurance?
Wilderness programs and therapeutic schools address the underlying issues behind the behavior. They honor and respect the unique circumstances surrounding each student; they are multi-faceted in their approaches and treatment modalities to best suit each individual.

Jennifer was the ideal educational consultant for the acute needs of my young adult daughter. She jumped right in and because of her broad knowledge of resources and options, was able to quickly provide us with an ideal range of programs that perfectly suited our situation. Jennifer is very smart, quick and empathetic and best of all, my skeptical daughter had confidence that Jennifer’s recommendations had her best interests in mind.

– Mara B