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Minute Mindfulness

In the last couple of weeks, we have had devastating natural and man-made disasters. Our anxiety is up and our feelings are deep. This is a similar kind of feeling parents have when their children become out-of-sync. Whether due to depression, self-harm, distorted eating, substance abuse or their own anxiety, our children need to learn emotional regulation – often by needing a residential therapeutic setting. Mindfulness plays a part in this healing.

Here is your Minute Mindfulness – give it a try.

Ground Yourself:

:: Feel your feet on the ground (uncrossing your legs and do this), imagine tree roots growing from your feet and gripping deeper and deeper into the earth ?

:: Discover the sights in your field of vision. No need to even turn your head, purposefully use all angles of your eyeballs to notice for instance, colors, shapes ?

:: Hear the sounds all around you, close your eyes and allow the sounds to show up in your ears (don’t strain to hear, it’s about the sounds showing up for you) ?

:: Then, try to find a smell, could be that you have a stash of essential oils or scented lotion or fry some chopped onion in butter. Breathe in the fragrance.??