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Special Education and IEP Advocacy

Troubled boy

Jennifer is an expert in special education and IEP consulting and advocacy. This is a subspecialty of JET ED Consulting. When children need residential placement and may be eligible for School District funding, Jennifer jumps in right away.

Jennifer attends all the IEP meetings and does pre-strategy conferences with parents, teachers, therapists and psychologists to be sure that the data needed to show the District is persuasive. Many Districts are caught between LEA (least restrictive environment)? and what the child may actually need, like residential treatment level of care. Jennifer is collaborative and helps show the schools why and how they can justify the offer of FAPE (free and appropriate public education) in a high level of care.

Jennifer is skilled at interpreting all kinds of psychological, cognitive, personality and mood testing. Thus, when attending the IEP, she is well-versed in discussions with the school psychologists and special education directors, and is able to demonstrate how the testing supports the parents desires and child’s needs – in fact, the child’s legal rights.

Jennifer frequently gives talks to parent groups and learning differences residential and day schools about self-care, parenting a child with a disability, navigating special education and creating a culture of inclusion for all types of learners.

Jennifer travels all around the country visiting schools with robust special education programs, especially those on the CA Department of Education’s “list” of approved schools.

Jennifer is a member of COPAA (The council of Parent and Attorney Advocates), the professional organization for special education lawyers, parents and advocates.