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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Troubled boy

There are hundreds of therapeutic boarding schools in the United States as well as internationally.

The challenge of finding the right school to support your child has so many facets it is almost impossible to know if you are finding a pretty website with a so-so school, or a poor website because the resources are poured into the programming.

To make things even more complicated – the leadership, school staff, teachers, therapists and residential life staff can shift overnight – changing the entire culture of a school.

Along with touring the schools, we also keep in close touch with the directors to be apprised early of any evolution or disruption in programming.

We know how time consuming and expensive it is to spend time finding the right place for your child. When you work with us, we can save you not only time and money, but we will walk with you through the whole process, hand in hand. You wouldn’t trust your medical health care to a website only, we believe you should treat your mental and emotional health care choices with even more care.